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Welcome to the pages of Croatian Association of rabbit and hare Sanctuary - rabbit and hare Shelter & Rescue!



Rabbit and hare shelter TarraLand gives permanent home to medium-sized rabbits and larger ones, which were threatened by death because they were grown as food. In our shelter they are released freely within fenced and secured property which gives them a new chance for life. Males are castrated.

New residents are accepted under certain conditions. The pet rabbits don't have to come to our shelter, they are adopted directly in their new owner's house after we successfully connect them with help of our adoption ads. That gives us enough space in our shelter to provide a permanent home to truly endangered rabbits.

Shelter TarraLand works since 1998.

Besides helping the rabbits, since 2008. we are actively providing help to wild hares too. Young hares (revelets) shouldn't be touched because their mother is always near. Although they are alone in the middle of the meadows and seem unprotected, wild hares offspring are never left without mother. All the young hares that were saved by our association are young hares that were touched by people who mistakenly thought that hares have no mother. People leave human scent on hares and the mother no longer accepts them. Then our volunteers feed them with special milk substitute with medication. When the young hares get wounded by hoe, lawn mowers and other tools, we rehabilitate them.

In 2008., 10 years after establishment of TarraLand shelter, Association of rabbits and wild hares shelter „Mrkvica“ was founded. „Mrkvica“ (meaning Little Carrot) is acting all over Croatia. Thanks to our volunteers, member and donors, we succesfully reach our goals and accomplish many projects with purpose of protecting these animals.




  • permanent housing of rabbits rescued from certain death
  • finders' education about proper diet of baby hares
  • bewildering of rescued wild hares; short-term housing of wild baby hares left without mother, nurturing if necessary, adapting wild hares for trip out in nature, and in the end, freeing rescued wild hares
  • educating rabbit owners about benefits and shortfalls of life with their pets, rabbits or hares, in nature or semi-nature, and help with organization of their pet's life in the natural environment
  • education on the behavior of rabbits and wild hares in nature and semi-nature (yard)
  • help with adopting of the rabbits (providing advertising options)
  • cooperation with foreign and domestic institutions that successfully carry out projects for the rescue of rabbits and wild hares
  • education and argumentation about unnecessary breeding of wild hares and hence the prevention of wild hares farm breeding
  • commitment to self-healing of nature without the need of farm breeding of wild hares, education about the concept of „sustainable development“ for wild hares
  • organizing and coordinating a number of shelters for rabbits and wild hares and supporting projects like these
  • constantly carrying out new projects to improve housing conditions, treatment and nutrition options and survival of rabbits and wild hares in shelter and in Croatia; preparation and presentation of projects like these
  • cooperation with the Association of rabbits and wild hares shelter „Mrkvica“ – through volunteers, fund-raising (food and other aid) for the acting and support of our rabbits and hares
  • education about the differences between rabbits and hares
  • making of other articles, organizing and participating in the organization of projects intended to improve life of all other animals
  • help and support to finder's of wild hares, help and support to rabbits' owners, and many more…




E-mail: . utociste[at]tarraland.com,.. Alternativni email: udruga[at]mrkvica.hr




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